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Kleen-Pak Unveils InnoTech Centre: Elevating Excellence in Technical Services and R&D

18/7/23, 10:00 am

Kleen-Pak Products, a leading World Class manufacturer of wet wipes based in Singapore, is delighted to announce the inauguration of a new microbiology laboratory on 22 June 2023. The inauguration of our InnoTech Centre (ITC) in Singapore signifies an important milestone for Kleen-Pak. This advanced facility encompasses microbiological testing capabilities, quality assurance and product development activities and technical services for our global customers. Alongside the completion of the renovation of our production facilities, we are well-positioned to become the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Singapore, leading us closer to our ambition of achieving world-class manufacturing standards in the wet wipes industry.

Our microbiology laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and a clean room, operated by highly qualified microbiologists and chemists. Our comprehensive microbial testing capabilities cover a wide range of applications, including Environmental Monitoring (Air Monitoring and Surface Swab Test), water testing (To check the presence of microbes in EDI water), and testing of raw materials and finished goods.

ITC consists of microbial lab, quality assurance lab (QA), and research & development lab (R&D).

Watch the video below:

Nanthini Rajindran, a microbiologist at Kleen-Pak, expressed her enthusiasm for working in the laboratory, stating, "It is enjoyable to work in the lab as it has high-tech equipment which is helpful in my planning, research and lab analysis. I believe ITC can take us further in the area of research and development.” At Kleen-Pak, we strongly believe in empowering our staff to achieve their best.

We envisage our InnoTech Centre to be a main choice for customised testing and consultancy services for customers. By leveraging on our expertise, we are extending qualitative and quantitative testing services and ensuring stringent quality assurance checks to our customers. Whether it's optimising cost, speed, and quality, or selecting appropriate method references and experimental procedures, we can tailor our services accordingly. We are actively working towards obtaining ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, an internationally recognised standard for testing and calibration laboratories that certifies our full competence.

Kleen-Pak has established itself as a top-tier producer of premium wet wipes and a specialised contract manufacturer of ready-to-market wet wipes products for 20 years. From our world-class manufacturing facility in Vietnam, we are the experts in the production of wet wipes in every size and shape, and we deliver in the broadest and most flexible selections of nonwoven substrate choices, folding styles and packaging formats. Read more about Kleen-Pak Vietnam.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered us numerous accolades as a reliable contract manufacturing partner. To ensure the highest quality of our wet wipes, we have obtained accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 22716, ISO 13485, EU Quality Assurance Certificate (MDR) and Asean Cosmetic GMP for our Quality Management System. With the vision of leading the world in hygienic essentials for a better life, Kleen-Pak is committed to producing uncompromised quality wet wipes for every consumer.

For further information about the new services offered by our InnoTech Centre, please contact us at

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