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Kleen-Pak Vietnam, Being A World-Class Wet Wipes Manufacturer

1/6/23, 8:15 am

With over 20 years of experience, passion, and relentless innovation, Kleen-Pak is a leading manufacturer of wet wipes headquartered in Singapore, and a preferred partner of premium quality branded and private label wet wipes to our global customers.

From our world-class manufacturing facility in Vietnam, we are the experts in the production of wet wipes in every size and shape, and we deliver in the broadest and most flexible selections of nonwoven substrate choices, folding styles and packaging formats.

Our highly automated wet wipes production lines are designed for high efficiency and reliability in outputs, and yet flexible enough to cater for customized & reasonable order size quantity.

Through a 12-stage water purification process and a resultant USP quality, we deliver ultra-pure water for use in all our wet wipes, and with our strict quality control and experienced product development, we will always be far ahead of the competition to meet your needs.

If you need full turnkey manufacturing for wipes of any kind either according to your specifications or just adopting from our wide range of formulation, we are able to do it all.

Our procurements, storage and state-of-the-art production lines comply with all organic production requirements and global standards demanded of products to any part of the world.

Being a world-class wet wipes manufacturer supplying to multiple industries around the globe, we are the tried and tested professional experts for all your private label and contract wet wipes, from out here in Vietnam.

We are Kleen-Pak, your global partner in wet wipes manufacturing.

Reach out to us at, for more info about our Private Label Manufacturing Service and how we can help you to develop your own global brand of wet wipes.

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