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Kleen-Pak has quality accreditations to ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas for our Quality Management System. All products at Kleen-Pak are manufactured under strict compliance to the guidelines of cosmetic GMP certified by the Health Sciences Authority from the Ministry of Health. We conduct regular quality and safety meetings with all stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement in quality & operational excellence at all levels, including regular audits on suppliers and at the same time audits conducted by our customers.

These are a few of the steps we take to ensure we develop, manufacture and deliver premium quality wet wipes:

  • Our advanced 12-stage reverse osmosis system uses Electrodeionisation (EDI) as a post treatment of reverse osmosis water to ensure every wipe contains ultra-pure deionised water. Samples of purified water and compounded liquid are collected routinely for in-house and external microbiological testing to ensure their highest quality.

  • Maintain ISO 9001 certification for all our facilities.

  • Stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing processes from starting materials, liquid manufacturing, intermediate products to finished goods are carried out religiously by our highly-skilled production and quality specialist.

  • An environmental monitoring programme at key production areas ensure that our wet wipes are always manufactured consistently under safe and hygienic conditions.

  • Metal detection devices are installed at high-speed fully automatic wet wipes lines to prevent any metal contamination.

  • Our wet wipe products undergo rigorous quality control testing and inspection before leaving our facility.

  • We conduct internal audits of processes and have our external auditors to audit our facilities as well.

We work with various organisation on projects where we are developing specialty wet wipes with unique substrates, formulation and inspections on your products in order to carry the various claims.

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