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Champs Reusable plastic

Compatible with various wet wipes packaging

​Easy to remove and install

Environmentally Friendly 

Can be reused multiple times

Keep the wipes hygienic & moist

Champs Free 1 Reuseable cover lid with artwork (updated for website).png

How to use

Steps to use the reusable lid cover-01_edited.jpg
  1. Remove the seal from the wet wipes package. *Peel the seal off carefully so as not to damage the package.*

  2. Peel off the release layer on the back of the reusable plastic lid. *Do not remove the adhesive tape.*

  3. Place the reusable plastic lid on the product so the wet wipes package opening is centered inside the rectangular frame. *Make sure there are no wrinkles or gaps in the surface of the wet wipe packaging. This will cause the contents to dry out.*

  4. After use, hold the wet wipes package and peel the reusable plastic lid off carefully from the corners. *Store with package affixed if not using for extended periods of time.*


Wipe dust, oil, water and other residues from the surface before attaching. Dirt on surface will reduce adhesion. The tab may break if a wet wipe is pulled with force. Keep away from children, fire and other sources of heat. Do not use this product other than its own intended purpose.

Watch the demo video below:


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