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Wood Wet Floor Wipes

Kleen-Up Wood Wet Floor Wipes are specifically formulated to care for your wood. Safely cleans away dust, dirt and grime to reveal wood's natural beauty and restore floors natural shine.

The wipes, formulated with anti-bacterial agents, are very effective to take care of day-to-day, grime, spills, and stains. All wipes are pre-moistened with special cleaning fluids to clean, care and restore. No need for water and floor will be clean, dry and shine in seconds! Most suitable for use on wood and wood laminate floors. The unique aperture texture of the wipes are very strong and trap dirt effectively. Ready for use anytime, just simply attach wood wet floor wipes to any leading brand of sweeper head.

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Peel back label slowly; pull out wipes as needed and reseal label; unfold and wrap around the sweeper head, push edges into the grippers; wipe away any dirt from floor. Allow air to dry. No rinsing Required. Dispose into trash after use.

For external use only; avoid contact with eyes; discontinue use immediately if rash or irritation appears; keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision; do not flush down toilet; do not use with other cleaning agent; Test on small area before use. Not for personal use.

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