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Flushable Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning Wipes

Kleen-Up Flushable Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning Wipes are made from hydro-entangled nonwoven which are water-dispersible. Hence, they are bio-degradable and flushable.

These wipes can be used to clean and disinfect toilet seats, cisterns, sinks, showers, baths and other bathroom surfaces.

They have been tested to be effective against a range of bacteria (MRSA, Escherichia Coli), viruses (H1N1 Influenza A), fungi, yeasts and moulds. Free from Bleach and Phosphorus.

For best flushability, flush one wipe at a time.

Aqua, Alcohol, Antimicrobial Agents, Disinfecting Agents, Non-ionic Surfactants (<5%), Fragrance, Preservatives.

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