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Dry Wiper Sheets

Using an advanced 3-dimensional, longitudinal-patterned wiper sheet consisting of grooves designed to catch dirt & hair more effectively, even the finest speck of dust.

Each wiper sheet is lightly scented with natural repellents from the extracts and oil of citronella, eucalyptus & mint to help keep away unwelcomed insects such as ants, cockroaches, flies and even dust mites. Suitable and safe for use on all hard and smooth surfaces. Available in Twin-Packs.

Open bag to pull out wiper sheet each time.

Recommended to use 5-6 times a week, fit to use on all leading brands of sweepers or use it alone as wiping cloth. Both sides of wiper sheet can be used.

Dispose into trash after use.

Do not use on wet surfaces as wiper sheet is not made for water-absorbency
Do not use on carpets or rough surfaces
Not recommended for removing large particles or sands

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