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Kleen-up Oven & Grill Wipes are designed for the most challenging cleaning endeavours, these wipes are infused with plant-based cleaning power which effectively loosens baked-on, burnt-on food and resilient, greasy spills, facilitating effortless cleanup without the use of harsh chemicals or noxious fumes. It is gentle on surfaces, ensuring non-caustic and non-toxic clean. Ideal for use on BBQ grills ovens, plastic surfaces, and other stainless-steel cooking equipment.

Oven & Grill Wipes

  • These wipes cut through grease. Scrub through residues without scratching surfaces. It also provide effortless sparkle and leaves surfaces gleaming and streak-free. It is most suitable for before or after cooking and perfect for use on stove tops, grills, ovens, pots, pans, bakeware, stainless-steel cookware, glass, and plastic surfaces.

    These wipes are non-flushable.


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