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Experience the invigorating freshness of Bello Cooling Wipes, meticulously crafted to leave your skin feeling revitalized, cool, and comfortable. They effectively eliminate odors and stickiness from your body, ensuring a clean and refreshing sensation on the go. With a unique formulation, our wipes provide a smooth and cool finish, allowing you to stay confidently fresh no matter where you are. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a revitalizing coolness.


Bello Cooling Deodorizing Wipes 20s

  • Benefits:
    - soft and absorbent
    - big size for face and body use
    - clean, cool, smooth finish
    - removes stickiness and odour (deodorizing)
    - no alcohol
    - no paraben
    - no MIT/CIT
    - contains vitamin E and aloe extract
    - hyaluronic acid for moisturising properties
    - reduce 3 degrees celcius on skin after use
    - for use after sports, gym, outdoor

    Available in 1 pack of 20s.

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