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Kleen-Pak’s 20th Anniversary

22/2/23, 4:00 am

For 20 years, Kleen-Pak has been a market leader in manufacturing premium quality wet wipes and a specialist contract manufacturer of finished, shelf-ready wet wipes products.

In 2003, our founders came together to introduce premium quality wet wipes after witnessed a growing market need for more reliable disinfectant and hygiene products due to SARS outbreak. Since then, Kleen-Pak has been supporting brands in producing wet wipes in short lead times and many start-ups have benefited from private label partnership.

In November 2014, Kleen-Pak has achieved another milestone in setting up Kleen-Pak Industries (Vietnam) Co. Ltd, contributed to combined manufacturing facilities of 24,000 sqm. With larger capacity, we are able to offer wide range of wet wipes from Baby Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Medical Hygiene, Pet Care, Auto Care and many more for premium brands across the world.

Throughout the years, we gained numerous recognitions from customers by being a reliable contract manufacturing partner. In order to provide highest quality wet wipes accordance to customers’ requirements, we have attained accreditations in ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22716:2007, ISO13485: 2016, EU Quality Assurance Certificate (MDR).As a result of our passion in pursuing innovation and adopting advanced research and development, we gained a reputation of the only manufacturer of wet wipes with CE mark certification in South East Asia. We elevate our status of being a reliable partner in helping brands by attaining CE mark for their medical hygiene wipe products which meet strict import requirements of certain markets like Europe.

In years to come, Kleen-Pak will focus on producing more innovative medical hygiene products for new applications, different formats and materials, for different markets where our private label and contract customers are actively involved.

Being a responsible organisation, Kleen-Pak also commits in bringing positive changes into the world by producing more sustainable wipes such as environmentally-friendly packaging and 100% biodegradable wet wipes.

With the vision of leading the world in hygienic essentials for a better life, Kleen-Pak is committed to produce uncompromised quality of wet wipes for every consumer. Kleen-Pak uphold the beliefs that everyone deserves better hygienic essential come with best value.

Check out Kleen-Pak's 20th Anniversary Logo, created to celebrate this huge milestone!

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