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Our Internship Experience in Kleen-Pak

10/6/24, 4:00 am

At Kleen-Pak, we foster a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive work environment that encourages employee contributions and values trust, support, and personal responsibility. Our working culture promotes a friendly and supportive environment that is reflected in the experiences of our employees and interns alike.

Hear from our interns in year 2023

Rheanne, Intern in R&D, Applied Chemistry, Singapore Polytechnic:

"Gaining theoretical insights and skills, such as understanding what chemicals serve what function in formulations, has been invaluable. Beyond the technical knowledge, I’ve developed personal values like perseverance – pushing past roadblocks instead of stopping at them. The flexibility to explore different departments was eye-opening and made my time here extremely productive and enriching."

A.K., Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, SIT Newcastle University:

"Internship at Kleen-Pak offers practical, real-life experience where the solutions you propose impact processes and yields. The opportunity to have overseas internship at Vietnam provided a unique hybrid experience, allowing me to adapt as a global working professional. This hands-on experience has been instrumental in preparing me for my future professional life."

Rufan, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, SIT Newcastle University:

"As an engineer, solving a variety of problems is key. What stood out most to me was the amicable and approachable working environment. Internship in this company is different from others, offering opportunities that shouldn’t be missed."

Join Us at Kleen-Pak

Kleen-Pak offers a unique and enriching environment for both experienced professionals and aspiring interns. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and professional development makes us an industry leader. If you are looking for a place where you can grow, contribute, and make a real impact, Kleen-Pak is the place for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of our dynamic team.

Apply today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career with Kleen-Pak.

[Click on the below video to watch our 2023 Interns’ Interview]

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