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Flushability Guidelines

13/7/18, 8:30 am

Wet wipes have been innovatively designed to offer convenience to a variety of purposes such as personal hygiene and household cleaning. However, not all wet wipes are designed to be flushed or marketed as "flushable" for disposal via the toilet, therefore, the topic of flushability of wet wipes has been an area of focus in the wipes industry.

In order to address the confusion and educate customers, the Code of Practice has been initiated by the nonwovens industry to incorporate the "Do Not Flush" logo on wipes that are non-flushable, this includes facial wipes, baby wipes and cleaning wipes that are used in the bathroom. The industry implementation of the "Do Not Flush" labelling initiative is on 30th October 2018. Kleen-Pak recognises the obligation we have to deliver responsibly in a sustainable way for all our stakeholders and to integrate environmentally responsible conduct into business decisions. While the Code of Practice is not a legal requirement and we are not under the implemented regions (UK, the USA, and continental Europe), Kleen-Pak fully supports the initiative and we will encourage our private label customers to review and implement this changes to their packaging artwork.

See the Code of Practice here.

What's not flushable:

  • Do not flush anything that isn't labelled "flushable"

  • Never flush the following paper products down the toilet: baby wipes, hands or surface cleaning wipes, feminine wipes, paper towels. These wipes can potentially clog your toilet or drain lines.

  • Identify the "Do Not Flush" logo on products that are not flushable or read the directions on the package on how to dispose of properly after use.

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